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Chickens are fricking awesome. Check out my friend’s blog over in the links section. It’s called Backyared Chickens.

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Blind Wrestler? Woah!

So there is this guy. His name is Anthony Ferrero. He is blind, and he wrestles. How cool!?

Just check out his video. I personally think it is totally amazing. What do you think?

2 comments June 5, 2009

The Start

The main reason I tried wrestling is because I am a tough girl. Unfortunately I didn’t have the grades to do football in the fall which was what I wanted to play for so long. So when I saw signs around school for wrestling in the winter, I thought it would make up for not being able to play my fall sport. I felt really proud when I told my brother about wanting to do wrestling and I was so excited to be the first girl on the team for the first time in a few years. But I still had to wait before I could join the team…I was already part of the dumb wrestler stereotype with my poor grades. After I talked about wanting to do it so much, these two sisters I knew decided to join the team, and that upset me. They got there first, before me. But when I finally stepped into the wrestling for the first time, I was no longer upset. (more…)

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Well Hello There

So, when I got into high school, I decided I should join a team sport. When it came to winter sports, basketball didn’t interest me, so why not try wrestling? Well I tried it, and I fell in love. But what? Girl wrestler? I know. I heard that so many times. But this is what this blog is about. Wrestling. But not just wrestling, but also what it is like to be a girl wrestler.

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